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An Intelligent, Personalized and Drug - Free Intervention System

We bring freedom and hope to children and families by supporting brain excellence and building emotional resilience

Love your brain and love your life, with Cogleap’s programs for children and adolescents

Cogleap is a place where families with children struggling with behavioral challenges come to find Hope. We use science-based, integrative and customized intervention programs with real lasting effects to help you through these challenges. Whether in-center or at-home, we can support you and your child with:

Cogleap Works For You

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Hope Focus System

Combining and customizing the best solutions, delivered consistently with love

Blending proven methods from developmental neuroscience, psychotherapy, sport and nutritional science, our technology-supported training program is a drug-free approach that systematically builds inner and outer resilience across cognitive skills.

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Virtual Classroom Attention Test

Our VR attention assessment system that can empower your child with unmatched precision and efficiency of understanding how to improve

Unlike traditional attention testing, vCAT provides real-time insights into your child's attention abilities. Our system gives seamless reporting with simple, fast and comprehensive interpretation of your child’s attention skills.

When Science meets Human Connection

Our team of professional experts, doctors, scientists, engineers and therapists understand what it takes to raise children struggling with behavior challenges.

Each child is unique and we are here to celebrate that.

AI Technology


Love & Connection



Stories of Hope

Mother of YY (7 years old):

(After 15 training sessions), “In the past 2 months of training, I haven’t had to scold or punish YY for a long time. Our mother-child relationship has also become much more harmonious. I’ve now begun to pay attention to the strengths and shining points of my child, and am no longer so anxious.

Our Partners


Deeply rooted in the science of neuroplasticity and child brain development

Cogleap’s assessment and training programs are built on the most comprehensive understanding of developmental neuroscience. We harness the power of children’s brain plasticity during this special and important time of their lives, and help your family witness the amazing power of change that children are capable of.

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